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BEMaa deals with architectural design at different scales, with a focus on residential, urban and landscape design.

BEMaa is a Milan-based architecture firm founded in 2007 by Ombra Bruno, Christiane Egger and Paolo Mazzoleni. BEMaa is primarily concerned with residential design at the various scales, from interior design and private homes to residential buildings and urban design. Over the years, BEMaa has designed and constructed residential buildings for public, institutional, and private clients, dealing with the different segments of housing, from social housing, to cooperation, to luxury urban residence. More generally, the firm has designed and constructed public buildings, offices, schools, commercial spaces, and public spaces which provide inspiring environments in which to live, learn, work and play. The architectural design structure is supported by a department that focuses on landscape, urban design and implementation planning. Over the years, BEMaa has also developed specific expertise in exhibition design, with a focus on temporary exhibit design and nomadic structures.


Ombra Bruno


born in Turin in 1977, studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano from 1995 to 2001, carrying out part of her studies at the E.T.S.A. of Valladolid (Spain) , and graduated with Prof. Nardi in Milan. Since 2002 she has been practising as an architect in Milan and abroad, mainly dealing with private residence projects and exhibition design projects. Exhibition designer in the Ashes and Snow project from 2002 to 2007 she supervised the installation of the works of Gregory Colbert in Venice (Arsenale 2002) and inside the Nomadic Museum designed by Shigeru Ban in New York (2005), Los Angeles (2006) and Tokyo (2007). The project carried out in Los Angeles was awarded the Gold Medal of the Industrial Design Excellence Awards in the environment category. Between 2006 and 2017 she was based in Paris and carried out different architectural projects for the firm, mainly residential, in Paris and abroad. Since 2018 she has been based in Milan. She has been an expert on Architectural Construction Design and assisted the Laboratory of Prof. Anna Mangiarotti. In 2007 she founded the BEMaa studio with Christiane Egger and Paolo Mazzoleni, as a formalisation of a five-year period of joint work. The studio deals with architectural design at various scales with particular attention to the residential project and Social Housing.

Christiane Egger


(Villach, Austria 1971) Studied at the Technischen Universität Graz (Austria), at the Politecnico of Bari (italy) and at the Politecnico of Milan. Obtains her master degree in architecture in 2001 with a final thesis “next stop: Pavia - restoration of an ex industrial area” with Professor Neuwirth and with Professor Dorigati. In 1993 works for many architectural firms, responsible for working drawings and construction site activities. In the last years has collaborated with the Hans Traninger di Villach, l’Atelier A Hans Walter Tanos di Graz e lo studio BBarch di Milano architectural firms, amongst others. Since 2003 works in Milan and is member of the milan Chamber of architects. Mainly focused on working drawings and with a particular attention on sustainable architecture for the living. On these topics she collaborated with the 1st year course, laboratorio di Costruzione 1, at the Politecnico of Milan Architecture and Environment master degree.

Paolo Mazzoleni


born in Milan in 1974, studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano from 1993 to 1999, carrying out part of his studies at the E.T.S.A. of Valladolid and Sevilla (Spain). Upon graduation, a PhD in Architecture, Urban Planning and Conservation of Places of Living and Landscape follows with a thesis on the residency project in the Information Society. Founder and partner of BEMaa, since 2001 he has practised as an architect in Milan, mainly dealing with residential and with urban design and planning. He combines his activity as a professional with teaching and research experience. Since 2001 he has taught at the Politecnico di Milano where he currently teaches Architectural and Urban Composition and where he has been a member of the teaching committee of the Master in Social and Collaborative Housing and member of the coordination of the RiFormare Milano project. As a critic and researcher he deals with contemporary urban housing, carrying out analyzes and consultancy for public and private and public. Since 2008 he has been scientific director of AAA architetticercasi, a biennial design competition for architects under 32 promoted by Confcooperative Habitat. From 2009 to 2015 he was a member of the Municipal Landscape Commission of Milan, which he has chaired since 2012. From 2009 to 2021 he was Director, and from 2017 President, of the Chamber of Architects of Milan, for which he curated in particular eight editions of the European Architecture Award Baffa Rivolta, an award for Social Housing buildings built in Europe, and has conceived and coordinated Concorrimi, an on-line IT platform for carrying out design competitions. Since October 2021, he has been Deputy Mayor in charge of Urban Planning of the City of Turin with responsibility for the General Regulatory Plan, Conventional Executive Plans, Private Construction, Public Space Design and Urban Design, Databases and New Cartography, Coordination of Major Projects and Major Transport Infrastructure.

BEMaa people

Paolo Bargna
Marco Venturini
Marta Signorelli
Elisa Francioso
Valeria Colosetti
Giorgio Gabbiadini
Carlotta Fazio
Francesco Manea
Giulio Maria Rindi
Ilenia Casillo
Pierluigi D'Alessio
Sona Ragimova
Arianna Scoglio

If you want to reach us please write to info[at] or call at +39 02 30069230. If you are looking for work write to jobs[at]

Have collaborated in recent years to BEMaa projects: Matteo Senafè, Miriam Pistocchi, Valentina Barabani, Marco Battistini, Chiara Torregrossa, Emma Maev O'Connell, Giuliano Fertonani Affini, Valerio Bottalico, Yassin Nooradini Shahabadi, Andrea Persico, Michela Prandi, Claudio Canesso, Alberto D'Asaro, Alfredo Barba, Francesca Pigni, Giulia Bordini, Elsa Cariolato, Claudio Barborini, Matteo Cazzato, Brian Cigala, Lucrezia Forti, Chiara Bianchi, Elisa Carcano, Mattia Carugati, Michela Chiesa, Barbara Corbella, Marco D'Ambrosio, Federica Meloni, Carola Endresz, Federica Sabbadini, Valeria Faggioli, Valentina Bisi, Valentino Galli, Mirco Gatti, Valerio Giacomelli, Aleksa Korolija, Dora Leeb, Sunmi Kim, Giorgia Cilli, Margherita Locatelli, Gioia Sironi, Francesca Olivoni, Linda De Fanti, Alessandra Del Fato, Domenico Isaia, Gabriele Rivolta, Alessio Roncaglioni, Davide Schaumann, Federica Teti, Laura Barbarito, Rosa Thorsteinsdottir, Carlo Venegoni.

BEMaa is BIM

Since its foundation in 2007, BEMaa designs using the virtual building method.
The BEMaa architectural models are developed from the earliest stages of design and are updated and in their Level Of Detail throughout the whole design process.

Research and Pubblications

Research and teaching play a key role in the updating of our architectural practice and they are a crucial component of its social responsibility.
BEMaa has always accompanied his professional work with an intense teaching and research activity.

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