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Exhibition design by BEMaa is tailored each time on a specific theme. Our mission is to create a strong and unique connection between the material to be exposed and the exhibition spaces.

BEMaa's main asset is to find solutions that remain quiet through the overall exhibition, being present at the same time; this result is achieved through a clever use of light, color and detailed elements and connectors.

In case of exhibiting art work, the concept is, if possible, developed together with the artist, where all aspect are to be considered: the space, the art and the visitors expectations. We exchange ideas and widen possibilities: understanding clients needs and fulfilling their expectations and goals is at the core of our work methodology.

The concept of an exhibition by BEMaa usually carries, therefore, a mood - a feeling - that each time and for each exhibition is carried out by using different materials, specific lighting and detailed design elements. The concept is then verified through all it's technical aspects and a close work together with builders and installers is undertaken through the whole exhibition process.

Exhibition design represents for BEMaa one of the most interesting and practiced fields of application. From the very beginning, the firm has worked on productions of temporary exhibitions, in particular of photography, gaining thereby considerable experience in this field.

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