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BEMaa deals with architectural design at different scales, with a focus on residential, urban and landscape design.

BEMaa is a Milan-based architecture firm founded in 2007 by Ombra Bruno, Christiane Egger and Paolo Mazzoleni. BEMaa is primarily concerned with residential design at the various scales, from interior design and private homes to residential buildings and urban design. Over the years, BEMaa has designed and constructed residential buildings for public, institutional, and private clients, dealing with the different segments of housing, from social housing, to cooperation, to luxury urban residence. More generally, the firm has designed and constructed public buildings, offices, schools, commercial spaces, and public spaces which provide inspiring environments in which to live, learn, work and play. The architectural design structure is supported by a department that focuses on landscape, urban design and implementation planning. Over the years, BEMaa has also developed specific expertise in exhibition design, with a focus on temporary exhibit design and nomadic structures.

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