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City as Nature

New headquarters TIM, project by UNO-A architetti associati, Studio Calzoni, BEMaa, Paolo Bodega Architettura (bioclimatic plan), Emanuele Naboni (sustainable planning and simulations), Studio Iorio srl (structural project), General Planning (fittings, fireproof and calculations)

The project generates from a simple strategy: to let the original volumes, stereometric and abstract, arise, wrapped in a new high performing and mutating skin, from a large re-naturalized urban base.

The Base. An urban clump that reconnects itself with the urban fabric of EUR, a particle of the molecular green areas of the Capital. A large three-dimensional system, alive and rarefied at the same time, that offers itself to the colonization of the vegetation who finally makes a return to regain it's space between the stones of the city. In exchange it offers features, inhabitants, life: urbanity.

The towers. Three linear and elegant volumes with their compressed space that separates (unites) them . A new, vital skin that refreshes them, technically and compositionally, in the serene impossibility of actually changing the appearance, nor the landscaping role, or the iconic value.

The flow. People,above all. Users, employees, managers, customers, pedestrians. Then the vegetation, the plants, the light, the air itself. They gather at the base of the towers, hosted by the cozy recesses of the base, and make return, taking advantage of the gaps, to reanimate them.

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