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The project of a public building represents for those who commission it, public or private foundation, the opportunity to build a new relationship with the territory, to affirm a policy or a vision, to renew and strengthen its relationship with the community.

BEMaa takes care of the whole course of the project, from the first hypothesis to the realization, allowing continuous monitoring of the design decisions and constant communication with stakeholders.

In particular BEMaa will help to ensure that the project:

  • meets user needs and expectations of the client;
  • provide a positive environment for the activities to be hosted;
  • provide a positive contribution to the immediate vicinity of the project;
  • help promote a sense of community and social interaction;
  • have an economic impact evaluated in terms of costs of maintenance and operation;
  • takes into account possible variations in time of uses and needs;
  • will be environmentally friendly and integrate the best up to day practices for sustainability;
  • pursue the best quality at the lowest cost;
  • be completed on schedule and within budget.

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