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Epaux-Bézu, France, 2008

Central, if often circumvented, the concept of well-being has become a crucial issue in our society, resonating with present-day public health concerns.

A multiple and ever-evolving project, Lizieres offers a space for deep analysis and consideration around these is- sues, beyond frontiers, genres, and categories. by creating passages between nature and culture, Lizières intends to offer time and space to the different sensibilities concerned so that together they may develop, test, and formulate useful propositions.

Considering culture in all of its dimensions, this pioneering project seeks to create a situation wherein the exceptional meeting of a multitude of artistic expressions and teachings offered by recognized experts in their fields may stimulate the elaboration of original projects. As a laboratory open to the arts,philosophy, science and physical practice, Lizières will organize events, training and seminaries in a remarkable space in the countryside, favoring all forms of creativity.

Situated in Picardy, in the village of Epaux-Bézu, 534 inhabitants, 86 km. (53 miles) east of Paris. the geographical and architectural configuration of the domain permits different activities to co-habit or sim- ply exist in independent spaces, according to the programmation. the restauration of the buildings is underway with all due respect for the patrimony and the environment. In choosing “eco-construction”, the founders of Lizières are committed to the respect of ecological concerns during the process of restoration and in the manner that the property will be used.

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