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Undertaking a renovation project, regardless of the size, can be daunting. BEMaa will help you achieve your aspirations and materialize your vision without succumbing to the many difficulties of the process.

Almost always is needed to operate in a limitations of funds (often much has already been invested for the purchase) and time (having to arrange the move or the stay away from home) but, rightly, an excellent result is wanted. So it is important a figure between customer and contractors, on one hand, to ensure time, cost and quality of implementation and, second, to keep the project at the center and, consequently, to meet your expectations.

What is BEMaa?

BEMaa will help you realize your dreams and will guide you through the process of design and construction, providing a service that extends far beyond the production of a series of drawings.

What will do BEMaa for me?

BEMaa will follow throughout the course of the project, from identification of needs to final delivery of the apartment, through a series of basic steps:

  • needs analysis;
  • goals setting;
  • preparation of preliminary design and cost estimates;
  • budgeting for the work;
  • assistance with the selection of the contractor;
  • cost identification and verification;
  • assistance with the drafting of the contract;
  • individuazione, se necessario, di un tecnico locale;
  • obtaining of all necessary permits;
  • preparation of detailed design;
  • construction management;
  • assistance in the selection of supplies and materials;
  • final inspection of performed works.
Each stage of the process will be undertaken through dialogue with the client. BEMaa is equipped with the latest technology for checking the quantity and graphic design. The choices will be supported by evaluation of costs and benefits and the graphical simulation of the result. The goal is to get a home to fit your needs, leveraging the expertise and professionalism of BEMaa to have a unique and comfortable home.

But how much does it cost?

BEMaa applies, except for any to be discussed discounts, the rates laid down by italian law.The compensation will therefore calculated from the total budget of the work; usually the cost of our service is the 12 to 15% of the cost of the work.

What is (or is not) included?

The base price includes everything necessary to complete the project. In any case, for clarity and protection of all, the relationship is governed by an agreement stating the services provided and costs agreed upon. BEMaa can also deal, considering a compensation pool, the design of custom-made furniture, the survey of the status quo, the energy certification, the Site Safety Manager and the land registry of the completed work.


Do not hesitate and contact us immediately, we will evaluate the situation without commitment: we will show you some of our projects, we will make an estimate of our service and we will reason together on the potential of the property.

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