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Joppolo (VV), Italy - Vacation home

Jopplo and its fractions: Oliveto, Coccorino, Coccorinello, Caroniti and Monte Poro, as balconies overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea while the eye is taken in the view of the whole Gulf of Gioia Tauro, with its harbor, the coast of Capo Vaticano , Etna and its smoke, which turns red in the blue sky, the Aeolian Islands, in row one after the other, with the Stromboli, just in front.

In Coccorino and Coccorinello, where you can visit the Church of the Immaculate Conception built in 1600, the sea and the nature enchant the eyes. Protected by the mark “DE.CO”, are renowned for the organoleptic qualities and the fragrance that, due to the large variety of herbaceous plants, the base of the feeding of the sheep, the “pecorino” cheese and the “Poro”, are renowned and still made ​​by hand.

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