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Casa D.M.Z.

Milan, 2013

The project of renovation of this building, has the complex task of interpreting the character of a neighborhood that over the years has impoverished and messed up it’s architectural language. We have therefore opted for a language that would gather the suggestions of the past modern architecture. We then tried to make use of the elements identified in the analysis of the buildings of the “Villaggio dei Reduci” to build a vocabulary that would allow an appeal to the glorious past of the QT8 neighborhood. It was decided to recover the cited above elements: a clear volumetric and evident hierarchy between living spaces and service ones; sloped roof only; vertical openings for the living areas and small or horizontal windows for the service rooms; shading devices; juxtaposition on the facade of a large - functional decorative item that would counterpoint the severity of the general volumetric and architectural composition of the building.

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Bruno Egger Mazzoleni
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