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Polo scolastico e Palestra

BEMaa + Studio WOK, Sant'Omobono Terme (BG), Italy 2012 -

The project examines the possibility to achieve the expansion of the building for the Middle School of Sant'Omobono. The new boundary of the lot is an opportunity to redefine the relationship between the school and the urban surroundings.The project proposes a new road-square, as entrance to the school, that will result in a view on the communal walkway. A series of rooms on the ground level will be organised to host extra activities to the classrooms, while the roof is conceived as an extension of the road-square, creating a large space, covered by a canopy, convertible in indoor spaces.

A new gym is placed on the northern part of the area; a space suitable both for physical education practices as well as to host events, meetings. The new parts of the building form a courtyard for open-air activities. The project is conceived in a way that each stage can be brought out seperately in time and manner, so as to ensure the administration more flexibility in the implementation of the intervention, ensuring at each stage consistency and usability of the new building.

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